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Water Treatment

We have created a safe process to treat water from natural gas drilling.

There are two types of water generated from the development of oil and gas wells. One is low total dissolved solids "TDS"  (fresh water) and the other is high "TDS," (brine water) which is also called production water.  Patriot treats light TDS water that cannot be practically reused and should not be injected into deep wells.

Patriot also partners with injection well owners not only to treat water that cannot be injected safely, but also to send them cleaned water that is too heavily salted to go through Patriot's process.This can be re-injected in active well sites.
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Our process follows strict guidelines to maintain the safety of our community
We continue in-depth research to demostrate that this is the most environmentally sound method to dispose of light water, which is created by fracking.

Our Process

First, the water is transferred from an incoming tanker truck to a large holding tank, this only occurs after careful testing to ensure that it meets specific standards set by the EPA.  Next, it is piped into the plant, entering settlement tanks where the solids are removed to a landfill.  Then, water is piped into a clarifier tank that removes suspended solids and metals and adjusts the alkalinity.  Finally, the treated water, only at this point, is permitted to enter sanitary sewers and to travel to a wastewater treatment plant.  Here it is treated again  to reduce salinity and allowed to reenter the environment at safe levels set by the EPA.

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